Do we do custom designs? Absolutely!

Part of the excitement and allure of a wrap in the first place, is to be unique! We work with anyone needing a custom look - the weekend warrior, dealers, race teams, manufacturers, you name it, we do it. We can work with just about any concept, no matter how weird or complex you may think it to be.

Our custom delivery time frame varies with the time of year and complexity of your art. Generally we can provide the first concept within 5-7 business days, but during our busiest times, it may be a bit longer. As with anything of a custom nature, every project is different so it's impossible to say from one wrap to another what the final cost will be.

If you would like to retain the rights to your artwork, our standard studio design rate is $65/hr (Canadian dollars). If you allow us to add your custom wrap to our catalogue however, there will be no design fees. Heavily personalized custom wraps will likely not be added to our catalogue and in most cases will  incur some design fees.

We can also work with your files, digital or hand drawn. We accept all Adobe Creative Suite file types and Corel Graphic Suite files.

The typical process usually works like this:
- Supply us with as much info and detail as you can
- We will get back to you with a project estimate
- If you accept the quote, we get to work on a first draft and email you a hi-res preview image
- We continue to make the project perfect with your input
- Once you sign off, we collect payment and you get a sweet wrap

Fill in the forms here with as much info as possible, and we'll get back to you with project specifics.
Please describe for us in as much detail as possible what you have in mind for your artwork
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